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The design of the bag enables more strength and sturdiness to the body. The bags can comfortably carry about 6-8 kg of weight. The fabric used to manufacture the bags makes them easy to maintain and are completely washable.

The bags can be carried easily by folding them several times and occupies less space than an average smart phone.

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Kora cotton is known for its high tensile strength and longevity. This merged with our design makes the bag sturdy and can easily take upto 6-8 kgs of weight.



These bags are 100% Eco-Friendly and are an Earthy alternative to plastic bags. It’s perfectly suited for carrying household shopping and other uses.



The bags can be easily customised as per your requirements. While you can choose from a material ranging from cotton to canvas, you also have the choice to customize the handles, structure and even the design of the bags.



The material is locally sourced. We employee and impart adequate training in sewing and tailoring to, often, socially backward local craftswomen helping them to be economically independent.


This is Rewheel

Rewheel is a social enterprise aimed at changing the perspective of an Indian consumer from using plastic bags as part of his/her ‘routine’ shopping. Substituted by cloth bags, the goal is to steadily and eventually move the consumer to a plastic-bag free life. The time is now for the switch. 
In achieving the same, Rewheel manufactures cloth bags which are handy, comfortable, strong and above all ecologically safe. On the other pan of balance, Rewheel employees and impart adequate training in sewing and tailoring to, often, socially backward local craftswomen helping them to be economically independent.

What do people say?

“Time bound response and great quality remain the benchmarks of our detailing with Rewheel. “

Mallik Thatipalli

Features writer | wow magazine

Rewheel produces great, and yet affordable products. Their culture of quality is not just limited to their products, their customer care and timely service truly reflect their professionalism unseen in many organizations.

Narayan K Murthy

Managing Director | goodseeds.in

Getting bags made by Rewheel for “naa telugu pustakaalu” was a wonderful experience. They understood our needs, was with us from start to finish and delivered what they promised – a really beautiful Eco-friendly bag for “naa telugu pustakaalu“. I wish Rewheel team all the very best!

Challa Uma Gayathri

naa telugu pustakaalu

My community people loved the product as price is reasonable and customized print option made it impressive. Thanks Rewheel , for helping us to GO GREEN in a economical way.

Preeti Mittal

Community catalyst | Serene County

We had a very good experience working with Rewheel: the delivery was prompt, and everyone loved the bags for their quality and practicality. We are very happy to be associated with a social enterprise such as Rewheel and very much appreciate their efforts in training and hiring women from low-income groups, in order to give them a chance to move forward.


Goethe Zentrum


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Rewheel hopes to sensitize society on the usage of plastic bags for the cause of sustainable environment by iterating the fact that making earth safe starts with little changes in everyday lifestyle. 


We welcome anyone who cares about the earth like we do.


(+91) 9963351022

Plot No. 43, Second Floor, Kamalapuri Colony Rd, Phase 1, Hyderabad, Telangana 500073, India


Most frequent questions and answers

Rewheel is a for profit social enterprise which was founded in 2012. We are an organization that is focused on social change as a twin objective along with profitability. In terms of fighting for the cause of reduction of plastic bag usage, we operate very similar to a Non-profit organization, even though we do not call ourselves as one.

The bags are manufactured using Kora cotton, sourced locally using 100% Eco-friendly materials, completely made in India. The Kora cotton lends the bags high tensile strength and durability and is perfectly suited for household shopping and other purposes.

Our employees are women who are identified from low income groups. Rewheel creates an opportunity for these women to build their skill sets through their employment and to gain economic independence.

The bags are customized as per the requirements of the consumer and so the pricing of the bags would depend on both the customization and quantity of the bags ordered.

One of our principal objectives is to encourage everyone to switch to cloth bags and eliminate the usage of plastic bags completely. As long as the consumer is ready to bear the cost of the delivery we do not insist on the minimum order.

Rewheel has worked with a wide variety of clients from different sectors and industries. In the past, we have dealt with grocery store chains, corporates, boutiques, e-commerce websites and event managers.

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