Drawstring Pouches


These eye soothing cotton pouches are in fashion and are strong and handy. These pouches are sustainable as they are made from material which is 100% cotton. They come with a cotton string at its mouth for opening/closing.


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Drawstring Pouches

They come in 3 different sizes;

In a set of 10 – Large (12″X16″) – 3 units, Medium (10″X12″) – 3 units, Small (8″X10″) – 4 units

In a set of 6 – Large (12″X16″) – 2 units, Medium (10″X12″) – 2 units, Small (8″X10″) – 2 units

These pouches are reusable and may shrink a little after their first wash as they aren’t pre-washed. These
pouches are multi-purpose and can be used for packing jewellery, shopped items, and dry kitchen stuff.


set of 6, set of 10


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